Seize Your Investment Opportunity in High Return of Investment Country

Market Assessments & Entry

We are specialist in finding businesses and projects in Indonesia. You only need to tell us what kind of projects that you are interested to invest or simply to sell products and services business in Indonesia, then we will ensure to find you the right project, business, region, and partner that can match to your investment and objectives or your products and services.

With our extensive experience in guiding foreign investment coming to Indonesia, firstly we can assist you researching potential market and project for your intended capital investment, starting from potential area, resource, accessibility at governing institutions, social and cultural setting, and so on. Then TIRTA AMARTA CONSULTING will guide and help you enter the project for both Start-up and Joint Venture scheme with Indonesian partner.

And with our extensive networks at government institutions, large scale companies, and state-owned enterprises, we can assist foreign companies who want to sell capital goods and services in Indonesia. TIRTA AMARTA CONSULTING can both be an agent and or consultant to such companies to find the right institutions and businesses as target market, access the market, and support in presentation, negotiation up to closing deals and monitoring to the target market.