Seize Your Investment Opportunity in High Return of Investment Country

Business Advisory

TIRTA AMARTA CONSULTING provides integrated service from the creation of well-balanced strategies in terms of maximizing stakeholders and corporate values, competition superiority, and feasibility and viability of those strategies. We are able to formulate strategic, operation, and tactical plan for your business and investment to achieve success and highest return of investment in Indonesia.  

We are also able to formulate pre-Feasibility Study and Feasibility Study for your intended investment in Indonesia, especially in conventional energy and renewable energy sectors. We are able to cover all aspects in studies such as legal and institution, technical up to basic engineering design, economic and commercial, environment and social, risk analysis and mitigation, and so on. Our study can support you for any requirements for investing in Indonesia as well as to ensure you got financing to succeed your business and investment in Indonesia.

TIRTA AMARTA CONSULTING can also support you in operating your business to get highest return of investment as possible. We can become your in house consultant to monitor plans and policies implementation as well as assisting your implementing team to be inline with agreed strategies, procedures, and tactics in achieving your goals and objectives in maximizing stakeholders and corporate values, and stay afloat of the competitions.