Seize Your Investment Opportunity in High Return of Investment Country

Investment Opportunity In Indonesia

There are vast investment opportunities in Indonesia. Firstly direct investment entities have to decide where to invest in Indonesia based on potential resources, availability of labor and required infrastructure to ensure their capital investment return.

Indonesia offers several competitive advantages for investors, including:

  • Large domestic market and competitive work force arising from its economy and population size i.e. the largest economy in Southeast Asia with more than 250 million people.
  • Market-based macroeconomic policy and free foreign currency exchange regime.
  • Potential outsourcing partners stemming from the large pool of small and medium enterprises (around 42 million) throughout the country.
  • Abundance of diversified natural resources, including agriculture, plantations, fisheries, mining and oil and gas, inherit in its vast and fertile land.
  • Strategic location spanning across several vital international sea transportation routes.
  • And more importantly, a democratically elected government committed to reforming and promoting conducive investment climate in the country.

Investors are welcome to tap into the following sectors:

  • Mining – coal, gold, copper, manganese, nickel, zinc, tin, bauxite, etc as well as oil and gas;
  • Agribusiness – cultivation of soybean, corn, rubber, oil, palm, cocoa, coffee, cashew nut, sugar cane;
  • Fisheries – marine and brackish water fisheries;
  • Industries – chemical and pharmaceuticals, foods, wood and furniture products, pulp and paper, electronics, automotives, textile and garment;
  • Infrastructure and power plants, toll roads, airports, harbors, telecommunications, water plants;
  • Services – trading, hotels and restaurants, warehouses, recreational and entertainment services, technical and engineering services.

(source: Indonesian government)

Located at the crossroad of the Asian and Australian continents and between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, there are abundances and many advantages of investment opportunity in Indonesia.