Seize Your Investment Opportunity in High Return of Investment Country

Investment In Indonesia

Investing in Indonesia, a country with 17 thousands islands, 250 millions population, and abundant of natural resources, opens huge opportunity for foreign investment in Indonesia to get optimum return of investment as long as having deep understanding on how to invest in Indonesia.

Indonesia has been on a roll since it emerged virtually untouched from the 2008 financial crisis. In 2009, it joined the Group of 20 large economies. It won its first investment-grade credit ratings in more than a decade in late 2011 and early 2012, and its gross domestic product has expanded at a steady rate of more than 6 percent for the last three years.

While overseas capital has long flowed into the resource-rich country’s mining, oil and natural gas sectors, many of today’s new foreign investors are focusing on the Indonesian consumer. With its large population and a young labor force, Indonesia is in the midst of a consumer spending boom that analysts say could continue for years. Last month, the Boston Consulting Group projected that middle-class and affluent consumers in Indonesia would double to 141 million by 2020 — more than the entire population of Thailand.

While Asian conglomerates from Japan, Singapore and South Korea remain the top foreign investors, American and European companies are rushing in like never before.

(source: NY Times)

Should you have any interest on investing in Indonesia, then you really need to know law, regulation, and culture to protect your investment in Indonesia