Seize Your Investment Opportunity in High Return of Investment Country

How To Invest In Indonesia

Direct investment in Indonesia has risen significantly due to strong fundamental economy and political stability. Abundant natural resources and working age labor will ensure any foreign direct investment in Indonesia generates significant return on investment depending on where to invest in Indonesia and understanding on how to invest in Indonesia.

Indonesia does not impose restrictions on the transfer of foreign exchange and in several sectors there are attractive tax incentives. Before considering investing in Indonesia, it is advisable to go through the “Negative Investment List”. This contains the full list of the business sectors that are closed to investment, being it foreign or domestic.

Special provisions or terms for certain fields of business open to capital investment must be observed by investors, both in applying for and in conduction capital investment activities in the country, as outlined in the Capital Investment Implementation Technical Guidance.

When you are ready with capital to be invested in Indonesia, you only need to contact us on how to invest in Indonesia